These short pieces are taken from five different centuries of English music and should serve as contrasting examples from each period. The first two are transcriptions from lute and lyra viol tablatures. None of the notes have been altered apart from one that appeared to be a misprint in the Anthony Holborne Galliard. In these pieces the voicing is editorial.

Wesley’s Sonatina for keyboard has been transposed from the key of B flat and some octaves have been adjusted to suit the more limited compass of the guitar. The fourth piece has been arranged from Warlock’s piano score and preserves the essence of his harmony. The last was composed for the standard classical guitar. Sources and explanatory notes are given at the end of the book.

1. GALLIARD Anthony Holborne
2. ALMAIN John Jenkins
3. SONATINA no. 8 Samuel Wesley
4. PIEDS-EN-L’AIR Peter Warlock
5. MEMENTO Anthony Dodds


sonatina Five Miniatures for Guitar

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