The pieces contained in this book form a selection of Music from the 16th Century to the present day. The anonymous Corranto and Robert Johnson’s Almans are taken from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. The pieces by John Dowland and Henry Lawes were originally written for the lute – the latter being a lute song.

Benjamin Rogers’ jigg and the pieces from no.6 to no.14 are all arrangements of English harpsichord music. The Lesson by Sterndale Bennett and the Sarabande by Theodore Dodds were transcribed from piano scores and the last piece was written specifically for two guitars. Left hand fingering has been kept to a minimum. Two complete scores are provided enabling players to exchange parts.

Level of difficulty: grade 3 to grade 6

2. Mrs NICHOL’S ALMAND John Dowland
3. TWO ALMANS Robert Johnson
4. JIGG Benjamin Rogers
5. THE PRIMROSE Henry Lawes
6. AIR IN G MAJOR Henry Purcell
7. SICILIANO Henry Purcell
8. CORANT William Croft
9. ALLEMANDE William Croft
10. MINUET Maurice Greene
12. ALLEMANDA Thomas Chilcot
13. GAVOT John Alcock
14. SONATINA No.3 Samuel Wesley
15. LESSON IN A Sterndale Bennett
16. SARABANDE Theodore Dodds
17. AEOLUS Anthony Dodds



English Music for Two Guitars

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